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Temple Directory

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Shri Gummatji

This is a circular building and nine domes are adorned on it. Eight domes in eight directions and a vast dome in the centre, on which pot [Kalash] is kept. Because of the charm of these domes, it is named as Shri Gummatji.

Shri Bangalaji

The king Chhatrasal had constructed a large bunglow for the preceptor Prannathji and so it is called Shri Bangalaji.

Shri Sadguru Mandir

This is the temple of Nijanandacharya Shri Devchandraji Maharaj, founded by Mahamati Prannathji to worship the preceptor in Shri Padmavatipuri.

Shri Baijurajji Mandir

This is a temple made in memory of Shri Baijuraj, who was in fact, Tejkumvri, the better half of Shri Prannathji. It is a grand and charming temple founded in Vikram Samvat 1750.

Shri Chopada Mandir

This is a place where king Chhatrasal received Prannathji in Panna for the first time. A temple was made there and it is called Chopada Mandir. Natural scenery all around is very charming and there are two tanks (Kund) nearby supposed to be Ganga and Jamuna.

Shri Khijada Mandir

This is the place where in Vikram Samvat 1742 on the sacred festival day of Dashera, Mahamati Prannath gave a sword namely, "Vijaya Zulfkar (Victorious Sword)" to Chhatrasal to become victorious against the unjust and oppressive rule of the Mughals, put his hand on his head and blessed him. A temple was constructed there which is known as Shri Khijada Mandir because a Khijada tree was also there earlier.

Shree Krishna Pranami Mandir (Bhopal)

Shree Krishna pranami mandir (Bhopal) is under shree 108 prannath mandir trust (Panna)

Shri Baijuraj Kotha Mandir