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श्री १०८ प्राणनाथ जी मंदिर ट्रस्ट पन्ना -488001 (म.प्र )


Mahamati Prannathji (Mehraj Thakur)
(1618 - 1694 A. D.)

Shri Mehraj Thakur was born on the 26th of October 1618 (the fouteenth day of the dark half of Ashwin, the seventh month of the Hindu year Samvat 1675). His father, Keshav Thakur, was a Diwan in the state of Jamnagar. Mehraj's mother Smt. Dhanbai, was a pious lady. He was the fourth amongst their five sons.

Devchandraji Maharaj
(1581 - 1655 A.D.)

Shri Devchandra Maharaj The founder Shri Devchandra Maharaj was born in 1581 A. D., in Marwad province in Umarkot village in a Kayasth family. From early childhood he showed saintly tendencies. At 16 years of age he renounced the world and left in search of Brahma Gyana (divine knowledge) from Kutch to Jamnagar.

Baijuraj Maharani


Maharaja Chhatrasal of Bundelkhand
(1649 - 1731 A.D.)

In Samvat 1706, in the house of the Bundela chieftain, Champatrai and his wife Lalkunvari, Chhatrasal was born. Even from his childhood, separated from his parents, he made up his mind to struggle against the tyrannical rule of the Mughals. With the blessings of Shivaji - the Maratha warrior, he was determined to fight for the independence of Bundelkhand; and after his meeting with Mahamati Prannath, Chhatrasal became strong and powerful. Just as Guru Ramdas showed the way to Shivaji so did Mahamati Prannath give guidance and true knowledge to Maharaja Chhatrasal.